What is Your Passion?

what is your passionWhat is your passion – which niche have you chosen?

You have come online to make money – am I correct? Now are you looking to make some extra money or are you looking to build an online business that gives you financial freedom?

For us, it was financial freedom, but you will also find other amazing things along the way. For us, having the ability to work from home and be available to attend ALL of the children’s school activities, open classrooms, plays etc is worth more than any amount of money. Especially for me (Jon), as a father to be able to be around your kids as they grow up is immense, because most men do not get that opportunity. It is also awesome from the child’s perspective too.

So, what is your passion?

Do you have a hobby that you could make money from?  Or do you have an idea of what niche you would like to make money from?

Not every niche will be profitable and you need to find a niche that has hungry buyers in it. It is all very well finding a ton of people interested in underwater basket weaving, but do they spend money on their interest!? On the other side of the coin you have the enormous niche of weight loss. On the face of it, you might think that you can not fail to make money in this niche. I can tell you from first hand experience that unless you have a USP (unique selling point) and you go deeper into the niche (e.g weight loss for women over 50) money will be hard to come by.

If you are not really sure what to look at, or, if like me, you do not have a specific hobby that fits the bill there are 5 large niches that you can have a look at with a view to finding a segment within them.

They are as follows:

  • Weight Loss
  • Dating/ Relationships
  • Forex
  • Make Money Online
  • Self Development

If you still are not sure, I have a suggestion for you. As you are starting your journey towards making money online, why not choose the Make Money Online niche and document your own journey? What an awesome story with which to get people to sign up to your newsletters and products in the future.

To get your juices flowing with ideas, go to the website Ubersuggest and enter your chosen niche i.e weight loss, make money online etc. This will give you a lovely list of the top 10 phrases that people are actually typing into Google by each letter of the alphabet. So make money online a. …, make money online b. … etc etc. Click the red Download All button and it will download as an Excel spreadsheet file. This gives you the ability to then work your way down through the list and cast off those that are not applicable. Make money online in Nigeria you would not want on your list as not only are they not your target audience but that is where most of the online scams come from! Enough said?!

Now remember, your online business is a marathon not a sprint. So, do not rush this process. This is a really important step in the process. Take time and go through the list. Pick out some of the relevant phrases and also look at the longer phrases (ones with more words) as these can be easier to rank for in Googles search results or Youtube’s search results.

More on this is future posts. If you came to this post from our autoresponder sequence, I will be in touch in the next few days with the next important step in the process – What types of products to sell. If you are not getting our useful regular updates on building your online business, join our updates HERE

You will also get access to a couple of really useful guides there too.

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